Today bumblebee and hummingbird finished school for ten days half term holidays. I am so happy to have them all to myself again, D also has a couple of days holiday next week too, so some devilishly good days out have been planned.
I love the school holidays.
I love the change in pace, the lack of clock watching. 
I love the moving back into our little family unit, the jostle of personalities finding their comfortable place within the family.
I love seeing creativity spark in their minds and the luxury of time to indulge in crafts and creativity.
I love watching bumblebee loose herself in a good book, so relaxed and at peace.
I love watching and listening to hummingbird so lost in make believe she doesn't even notice I have walked in the room.
I love days my home, my favourite place in the world, being filled up again with my favourite little people in the world. 
I love my little family so very much, they really are my everything....


Today was bumblebee and dragonflies birthday.
They were both born on the same day.
One at 1.14am in the morning, the other 7.14am in the morning.
They are so very alike.
I am so unbelievably proud of them both.
Happy birthday my beautiful twins of eight years apart!

Bits from today

Lots achieved today but still not enough play...
Little shinning bits from the day include...
Dragonfly covering his mouth at bed time in the hope he won't need to have his teeth cleaned.
Seeing our three hen, Rex, Buttercup and Crackers enjoying a warm bowl of mash for tea.
Finishing a new hedgehog design and starting to feel more confident in designing again after such a long break.
Giggling with dragonfly each time he sprayed me with the hose pipe while spending a quick half hour cleaning up the garden while the sun shined.
Enjoying a workout while dragonfly napped at lunchtime.
Pealing and chopping potatoes for tea with Hummingbird who makes some weard shaped chips.
Hearing Bumblebee resite a poem that came into her head upon seeing me wearing just one sock (dragonfly has hidden the other one!).

Just beautiful

Life is handing us some hard blows at the moment, but I can still find peace and so much gratitude in my little world.
Memories from today...
Dragonfly having a nap in the car on route while wearing his sunglasses
Seeing all three of my beautiful children walking to school together, little dragonfly is certainly picking up speed on his little legs.
Sharing a bowl of soup with dragonfly at lunchtime.
Seeing dragonfly figure out his pull back truck can actually push things along too...
Seeing bumblebee and hummingbird's faces light up when they saw me when I finally got to school pick up this afternoon, a little late today, oops.
Spending some much needed family time together tonight giving bumblebee and hummingbird back massages. Then them giving us massages. Dragonfly managed to throw in a few wrestling moves just to keep us on our toes. Massages aren't supposed to be relaxing are they? L
Looking in wonder at my two big girls. When did their legs get so long? When did they get so big?
Feeling excited for them having their whole lives out in front of them. Wishing I could turn back time and join them.
So much emotion.
Today was a special day.

Rain, Guinea pigs and bad colds

Everyone here has a really bad cold and is feeling rubbish....
But happiness has been found...
Hummingbird happily got ready for school today without a fight, she even made her bed!
Dragonfly and I hung out at home today, it rained heavily. He happily played with his toys next to me while I got chance to do some design work.
I enjoyed eating homemade soup for lunch while dragonfly had a little sleep. The sun even came out for a few minutes. I enjoyed feeling the warmth on my face. I also doodled trees for fun!
Dragonfly decided he would hold my hand on our school walk today to pick up his sisters.
Bumblebee joined me in the bathroom tonight. I had a hot Epsom bath, she led on the bathroom floor with her Guinea pig while we chatted.
Life feels too full at the moment. October tomorrow, the start of a busy birthday time here. It's going to be a while before things slow down. I am desperately trying to live the small stuff........

Little Bits From Today

Happy bits today were...
Seeing our Guinea pigs snuggled up in their new furry hanging house.
Seeing joy for the love of life on Dragonfly's face.
Enjoying a fruit and vegetable salad for lunch while dragonfly took a nap.
Feeling content after a very long and very busy day.

Happy Things

The best bits of today were ...
Watching two deer in the field at the back of our garden having their breakfast.
A long chat over cups of tea with a lovely friend. 
Painting a fairy wand with Hummingbird.
Walking to school in the sun shine again.
Enjoying a tough workout. (but paying for it now!).
Snuggling in bed with my boy, dragonfly while he gently drifts off to sleep....x